Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mini MegaCon!!!!!

Yep, That's wahat I said :o)
The group has been invited to Mini MegaCon in Orlando Florida.
It's on August 22nd and 23rd.
While we were at Ancient City Con here in Jacksonville, Brenda
was approached by a member of MegaCon and asked us to setup again.
I'm so glad they were impressed with our last setup and this will
give our group a chance to be together again.

So, Once we get this going I'll post some pics and video :o)


The life of thomas said...

thats so cool and congrats....btw I traced down that "package" and it should arrive to you shortly. Because it was insured they had to trace it for me ;)


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Thomas,
We can't wait to see them :o)
I have another idea for R2 and I'll post it soon if it works.