Sunday, July 12, 2009

He's up again!!!!

R2 is back on his feet and we took both droids out for a drive. We have a event to go to next Saturday and I was starting to wonder if R2 would be ready, And he's ready.


The life of thomas said...

Very cool Calvin!! Have you recieved those "items" yet ;)

Seeing your artoo's out and about reminded me that its soon time to get mine ready for the events season which starts in about 6 weeks.


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Thomas,
It was nice to drive him again.
Got a event coming, Huh.
Make sure to take plenty of pics!!!
No, The items have not made the trip yet, But I can't wait to see them :o)

R2D2 Fett said...

That looks GREAT!! Nice work! You must get some great looks from passerbys!!!



Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Dude,
I did have a few ride by and ask about the droids. They like the price Brenda has in her droid, But when they hear mine, NOT.

I'm waiting to get a new frame top ring and bottom. The A&A plates are just not strong enough.