Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancient City Con

We went with the 501st to the Con here in Jacksonville and it was GREAT!!!
There was more people than I expected and a wide verity of events.

I did noticed something about R2,
The floor inside the area had carpet that was slightly padded and
R2 was having some problems moving around.
I have him wired for 12v. which makes him very smooth at takeoff and
gives him enough top end speed.
But on the carpet I had to run him full speed to move around at a good speed.
24v. would have been a better voltage and the carpet would not effect him.
But at 24v. he is very jumpy and too fast.
Not sure how to address this problem and I really don't want 24v.

Anyway, Brenda will post some pics of the event on her blog.
It was fun and next week we will be at the Football Stadium driving our
droids around just for fun.


The life of thomas said...

Congrats Calvin!!

About the voltage and carpet issue. If you have any channels still free on your remote perhaps you could make an rc switch that alternates between 12v for normal running and 24v for those tricky carpets.


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Thomas,
It would be double wiring on the batts to be able to change over.
If you think of something, Let me know :o)