Saturday, January 22, 2011

Large Data Port

I installed the back in the LDP today.
I've noticed this seems to be a popular place for kids to stick
fingers and other items, So I closed it.
I was going to paint the aluminum plate black, But I really like
the aluminum finish as it goes with my dome.


jduffphoto said...

Looks good Calvin. Have you had any issues with your utility arms loosening up when they are moved? I have pretty much the same set up and mine come loose if they are moved.

Just wondering..


Calvin Thomas said...

No they stay put.
I have the arms locked with locknuts and the screw shaft actually turns with the arm.
The turning distance is so small
that the arms stay aligned.
I tried keeping the screw shaft locked tight the 1st time and they keep moving on me.

Cindy said...

Hi Calvin

I found your awesome R2D2 blog from Matt McCormick's R2D2 blog about Paint Success, written Aug 15, 2009. I have to say, I am very impressed with y'all and your droid building abilities!

Here's the long and short of why I am writing you. I am a housewife and mother of two and my husband is a huge Star Wars fan. My 6 month old son, Sully, has plagiocephaly (just a fancy term for flat head). Today he has been fitted for a helmet that will help reshape his head. It will be here Tuesday, Feb 22.

I am interested in making his little helmet look as much like the top of R2D2 as possible with paint (sans the top, which will be open). If you google "hangar plagiocephaly helmet" and go to images you'll see what I'm going to be working with. The shape can vary from child to child, however, Hangar makes a fuller helmet with just a hole at the top, so his won't be as open as some of the others. I won't know what Sully's helmet will look like until I have it in hand.

I saw on Matt's comment section where you said you showed the two blue metallic paints together. However, I can't find it on your blog. Could you link it for me, please? :)

Also, I am by no means a professional painter or builder of any sort. I am artistic, and have confidence I can do a decent job, especially given the excellent information found on your blog as well as Matt's blog (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Sadly, I am under a time constraint - once he gets the helmet I'll have about 4 days to get it painted before he's in it for 23 hrs a day. Day one and two are my greatest window of opportunity for work, as days 3 and 4 he will be wearing it longer and longer. By day 5 he will be in it 23 hrs, so you can see my need for haste.

I read on Matt's blog that it will take 7 days for the anodized paint to cure. Unfortunately, I don't have 7 days!

Would you suggest I just go with the cobalt metallic blue and dump the idea of the anodized? Also, which metallic blue paint would you recommend, the dupicolor or the krider? His helmet will be coming in plain white (a nice fresh canvas!) Would you suggest I do a coat of primer and then the silver? Or should I just go with the silver and not do a primer?

Any information, suggestion or tips you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to link you a picture of Sully's helmet when it's done :)

If you can reply here or write me at that would be terrific.

Thank you for your time!

Cindy :D