Monday, January 10, 2011

Side Work

I mounted the Side Vents on R2 and made the Flat Plate for the bottom of the skins.
The Plates, I need to paint white and they are bolted from the bottom of the frame.
The Vents are some I bought along time ago from Mark.
They are not perfect and the only way I could mount them was to add small screws to each corner. Later I will countersink the screw holes and get some better screws.
I also need to add screen behind each vent so you can't see inside.
The 2 black Push Pins hold them skin in place and I'll paint them white.
Maybe in the future I will find a insert and use 2 Allen Button screws instead.

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The life of thomas said...

nice work Calvin and have continued bright start to the new year. I also am giving my R2 a major overhaul. He's been doing events non-stop for 3 years.