Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rear Logics

Here's the pic of what I got finished.
The surrounds need some buffing and I still need the Pic Flasher. Sorry the pics are alittle bright, But i wanted the detail to show.
After I got all the LEDS in the board, I had to find 2 that went bad during the soldering and replace them. The bad part was all I had to find them with was a 3 volt battery and a print of the pattern they were in.
Anyway all 108 leds work now.


Hankey01 said... sicken me withg your skills!!!

Looks GREAT! Mine are just leds that alternate and fibreoptics. They get the job done without having an electronics know-how!

Nice work!

Calvin Thomas said...

Not really skills,
I just got lucky!!!
But I'm glad you liked the work.
Thank you!!

Curtis Newton said...

Hello, can you tell me how the electronic logic works
like what multiplexer/ic do you use