Sunday, September 10, 2006

Utility Arms Redone

OK, I know!!
I change things all the time, But I was not happy with the way my arms were mounted.
Sometimes you have to step back and say: Why did I do that?
I turned something simple into a mess.
Anyway, This is how they will be from now on.
I used:
6-32 x 6" Threaded rod, 6-32 Lock nuts
1/4 x .140 x 1 Nylon Spacers
Teflon washers that came with the Vex kit.
I cut the Spacers a little thicker than the A&A frame and drilled the preset holes to 1/4,
So the spacers would fit and also give some extra length so the lock nuts would tighten against
the spacers and slightly against the frame. Once set into the frame they provided a bearing for the threaded rods to slide.
The teflon washers, Also provided a slick surface for the lock nuts to slide.
More/Less I made my own bearings.
In the pics you can see how I made this work, The only problem now is to cut the rods to the
correct length and to find a belt drive gear to work each arm.
By the way, I've got the Aluminum arms on order and when they come in, I'll redo again!!


Hankey01 said... are killing me! Your R2 is gonna be GREAT!!!

I sent you an email about the BABY (to!

lantek7 said...

This is cool, helps me get an understanding of what I need to do here. Although, I know you have now updated to alu arms, it's clear from your pics you can still get a good result with the A&A & resin arms.