Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Utility Arms

Oh Boy, These things are driving me CRAZY!!!
When I first got my arms I drilled the hole the size that kinda looked like it was meant to be.
Big mistake!!!
So now I have to fill that hole solid and work it again.
Ok, What I used for bearings and spacers were the parts that come in the Vex kit from Radio Shack. As you can see the rod comes down into the belly area, Thats where I'll attach my gear to drive the arms open/close.
Here again is where I have to make a sacrifice!!
The rods will be in the area where the arms close at, So I'll cut a slot in both arms and they will close all the way and have a stop to close too. Hopefully I can paint the rods flat black and they won't show that much.
I still don't have these set correctly, But I will, I hope.
Anyway back to work I go!!!

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Hankey01 said...

Looking good man!!

Now seriously...do something poorly so I can feel better about my R2!!!!!

Hey...I hear Kenny Baker will be in Orlando in Jan! I'm sending my back panel (already signed by Don Bies) to Aaron to get siogned by kennY!!