Monday, September 18, 2006


I've got alot of things ready for post, But I've been so busy and alittle sick That I'll have to post pics later.
Anyway, I got the LEDS soldered into the board I bought from Leon, Just got to get the resistors soldered.
I had to file the Aluminum surround for the Leds, Because there was a difference between
Leon's board and Wayne's surrounds. It took 3 hours to get them to match up.
Hopefully this weekend I'll have this mounted and tested.
Got the last louver mounted into the front vents and the small speakers mounted behind the
I also got the inner dome remarked, I did this so I could order the hinges and start predrilling
the countersink holes to attach the hinges and other items.
Well, I'll get the pics up soon.

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