Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Leg Work

Ok, I just can't got the $500.00 for the Aluminum Legs.

So here's the route I'll have to take.

I pencil marked the measurements on wood, The wood will be in 3 layers. The front and back panels will be made from 3/4 and a center piece will be 1/4, Total thickness will be 1-3/4.

Once I cut the 3 panels, I will glue them together and also steel pin them in certain spots.

So here's the 1st pics of my future DISASTER!!!!


Hankey01 said...

It will work good man!!!

My legs were made from 2 'L' shaped pieces welded together and the bottom was a bunch of pieces stacked and welded...the ground smooth.

Will you use bondo at the edges to smooth them over?

Calvin Thomas said...

Not sure what I'll use.
Does the bondo stick to the wood pretty good?
I'll need some filler, That's for sure.