Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leg Work 3

Still on the 1st leg and I'm at a standstill.

I searched around town for a 3-3/8 holesaw and no one had 1 in stock, So it was off to the internet and the going price was around $50.00.

Luckly, Someone on Ebay had 1 for 10.00, So as soon as it gets here I can continue work.

I also had a problem getting a 1/4 board, So I had to use 1/2 Birch. That puts me about 1/8 over the blueprints. I think I'll be OK cause I noticed that the legs are shimmed when the are inserted into Jag's Ankles. Once I get back to this, I'll get the bondo and catch the low spots for a nice finish.

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