Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holo Mounting

I got another Holo mounted and I set up the light inside the Holo.

I decided that the Holos would remain unpainted.

The reason I did this, I spent 2 hours researching every Pic I could find
that showed the difference in the colors. I found plenty of blue pics and I sat and look at them over and over.
The more I looked at the blue the more I started to not like the look.

So this is how it turned out.


Hankey01 said...

Looks great man!!

Of course his eye needs to be blue....but that holo is sweet!!

I may have to replace my holo's one day!! Option to mount a light is sweet!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

I'm hoping to have the eye painted
soon. I want to get alot done before the meetin on the 17th in Orlando.
Thanks for all your comments and I miss your blog.
I check it daily for something new.

Hankey01 said...

Your R2 will be one of the best at the meet!!

I should take pics of my theater all packed up and in a big mess....I guess thats progress. :P

I just got my blue scrolling LED name tag....gonna see if I can use if for my front logic. Thinking if I glue my existing fibroptics in a random pattern to the front of it..then when words scroll it will flickker randomly....

Just not happy with my current alternating LED/fibreoptic setup.

Calvin Thomas said...

OH, The love of moving, It's so much fun.

I've seen those tags and was triing to find a good idea for them.