Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Battery Boxes

Started fitting the Boxes to the Krider foot and the hose fittings. I cut a keyhole into the battery box, So I can remove the boxes as needed.

Most people cut the keyhole into the foot instead of the box, But I want to add some battery trays inside the boxes for the batteries to slide into the boxes and have nothing sticking into this area so I did the process backwards. Still need to get the feet welded, But I'm trying to get a nice fit first.


Hankey01 said...

Look great man!! Where did u get the hose fittings?

Do other people weld those up? Aluminum (esp that thin) is tough to weld.


Calvin Thomas said...

The hose fittings were done by someone at R2builders, I just don't remember who did the run.
I did'nt know when Krider did the run you could get them fully welded
or spot welded. There's a marine welding spot in my area and I'm going to beg and pled with them to do the welding. I've seen the work they do and they're good at Aluminum.