Sunday, April 22, 2007

E-11 Blaster Build

Here's the Blaster I'm working on while waiting for R2 parts.
It's a Kenner and I'm converting it to look more like the movie version.
It's in real rough condition right now, Due to all the cutting I had to do.
In the 1st pic, You can see the counter box. I have a counter dial on the way and
will mount it inside the box. I used some Aluminum strap and square tubing to make
the swing arm, But mine will not move. I also need to make the very front part.
I used the same Aluminum strap to make the scope rail, Which you can see in the 2nd
pic is not finished.
Once the counter dial gets here, I'll post more pics.
This is the site I get my ideas from and they do nice work.


Hankey01 said...


I wonder if thats the same blaster I am using for my trooper...although I didnt modify at all (except for painting the orange tip).

Looks good!!

Hankey01 said...

Hey man...I sent you a couple emails....thought I'd post here in case you arent getting them.

Could you do me a big favour and look at this thread and tell me what you think?