Sunday, April 01, 2007

Motor Mods

Still waiting for the Holesaw, So I decided to work on the foot motors again. I'm removing some of the weight from the mounts while not removing any of the strength from the design.
Around the motor area there was no need for the Aluminum plate to surround the motor so I removed this area. At the rear of the top plate I angled this area to fit alittle better in the foot and the small square tube beside it, I'm cutting to the shape of the top plate for the Omni-Wheel to bolt to this area. You can see where it will be mounted by the clamp holding it in place.
The front area around the wheels, I removed a small portion to give the wheels alittle more room. Next week I'll order the Omni-Wheels for this and hopefully be able to finish this part.


Hankey01 said...

Lookin great man!

Waiting for a hole saw...waiting sucks! At least you are probably ordering from inside the US...won't take too long.

You can get adjustable hole saws can't you?

Calvin Thomas said...

I don't know,
Hopefully it will show up soon.
But I'll keep working on something.
I have collected nearly all the parts I need to finish R2.
Just need outer Ankles and a center foot and some small stuff.
How's the new home going?
And that Blog is really in need of an update :)

Hankey01 said...

I could probably hook you up with a center foot flatpack if you are ok with a plasma cut foot vs laser.

Calvin Thomas said...

Dude, That would be AWESOME!!!!
You've really come to bat when I need the most.
Let me know how much and I'll send it to you.