Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Center Ankle Mounts

These are the Jag mounts for the Center Foot wheels. The pic probly does'nt show the texture paint I used, But it looks GREAT!!!

This is the 1st time I've used texture paint and I really like it. These mount up inside the Center Foot and the Omniwheels mount to these plates.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!!! Any reason for the textured paint? I never noticed anyone painting those plates before, but yours look cool!!! I'm hoping to see my frame by October. So the lega and feet will soon follow.....hopefully!!! I'm not sure of what wheels I'm going to use yet. Then again....I change my mind alot LOL!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

I has the Texture paint from another project and never used it,
So I decided to use it on the plates. I did'nt want the plates to rust in the future and it also looked good against the white.
That will be nice to have your frame, Things will start to look different when you get it.