Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Progress

I got some more parts painted and now I will complete the front skins and then I'll post some more pics.

The painting process takes time and I'll be glad when it's over.

Anyway, It's starting to come together and hopefully be complete soon.

You'll notice in the pics the paint has a little orange peel look to it, But once it cures for 30 days I can polish and buff it smooth.


Anonymous said...

That paint really does have a nice shine to it. I used 5 coats of clear on my panels, and still dosent look as shiny. I love the color, but wanted it a little shinier against my domes finish. Even though my dome isnt as shiny as yours, do you suggest I use polish on it anyway? It seems like every little fingerprint and whatever keeps getting on it. I also need to get those plastic bezels for my logics to poke thru.

Calvin Thomas said...

The shine is a lot better in person.
I used 5 coats of clear on the parts and used Duplicolor auto paint for the blue and clear coat.
You can't wax for 30 days after you paint, But it will smooth and bring out a richer color.
The fingerprints usually happens if you handle the paint before it fully cures. I let my parts sit about 2/3 weeks before I touch them after painting. I have a set of front logic bevels, But I don't know if they'll fit your logics.
I'll see who I got them from and if they'll fit your logics, You can have them. (FREEBIE!!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh...that would be cool!!! Thanks man!!!! I keep screwing up when I try and explain must be the beer. I get alot of smudges and fingerprints on my dome....the aluminum part. I was curious if I should wax the whole dome including the panels. I like my finish on the dome as is. But will waxing the "entire" dome, including panels keep off those blemishes?

Calvin Thomas said...

It will help keep the fingerprints off the Aluminum, But it will make it more shiney.
I have heard of someone in the group had thier dome Clearcoated and it looked great.
The only thing about useing polish is it will become a regular chore to keep up with it.
I think I would go on your dome with the clearcoat, But get the correct info from the member that has done it.

R2D2 Fett said...

Very very nice! I like that texture actually! logics!! :p