Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watto Again!!!

I got Watto mounted , But I still have some work to do to this project.

I also managed to get the Center Foot painted and I'll post some pics soon.

Brenda got a lot done to her R3, But you'll have to visit her Blog for the updates.


Anonymous said...

Watto looks killer!!!! What else has to be done with him? He does look awesome on the wall like that.

Calvin Thomas said...

I've just got to dress the back board and he needs some touchup paint here and there.
We also need to fix his belt around his chest so his pouches will show.
Brenda's going to try and make a hat for him.

R2D2 Fett said...

Oh yeah..your Watto...I STILL want it!!!

Oh..I ordered a Jawa I'll have a Jawa to add to my collection. I'll probably try to find a larger doll or something instead of a child mannequin, or making one. Time to go garage sailing!

Send me your watto!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Watto :0
What No :)
I'll have to keep old Watto, You got a better collection allready.
I've seen a couple of Watto's on Ebay here lately.
You can send me that Jawa, Since you have so many goodies.
You won't even miss the little fellow. HAHAHAHA
Get some pics up of Jawa, So the rest of us can build one. My Master

R2D2 Fett said...

I havent even got a confirmation from the Robe person that they got my payment (well over a week ago) so I have no idea when it's coming...

Well have to see how my theater room looks after it's done. It's gonna be tight already getting all the other characters in there!

Of course Watto can hang on the wall.. :)