Friday, November 16, 2007

Allmost a Disaster

Ok, I've posted this before on my blog for people to always check back for changes I've made building R2. And luckily Brian questioned how I was attaching my wood legs to the A&A frame.
(Thanks Brian)
I found a flaw and have corrected it and R2 probably weighs about 20lbs. lighter and much stronger at the shoulders.
The satellite motors I was using in the frame only allows for shallow bolts, Even though I tapped them for larger bolts.
So, I removed the Sats. out of my frame and used the A&A shoulder mounts.
There was still allot of shimming inside this area, But I am confident this will hold.
If R2's shoulder bolts would have backed out, I would be back to square one and a damaged R2.
I'll post pics of the change this Sunday and I recommend everyone to stay away from the Sats.
Not only have they failed doing the 2-3-2, They are just not a strong way to mount the legs.

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Chris said...

Really sorry to hear. I have the sat motors, but never installed them and i cant see me ever going this route. But I'm hoping some time down the road someone will have a 2-3-2 idea/kit that will work on heavy droids.

Take care