Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A little more info on the Speeder

One more (off topic) thing, about the COKE ONE Landspeeder that has been listed for sale. It was built in Atlanta in about 1982, I was the person who was responsible for driving it for the Coca-Cola Company there, as well as the Cobot Coke Robot.Typically, I trailered it wherever it would go, for parades, store openings, etc. However, it WAS street legal, and had a GA license plate on it, and I personally drove it on a regular basis over a three year period. It was built by Bill Tolar, on a Volkswagon Beetle chassis, and was the scariest F'ing thing I've ever driven on the freeway.....bugs in teeth and all.Bill and his crew also built a second one from the same molds that became a river raft, and it did finish the now defunct "Great Chattahoochie Raft Race". The last time that I spoke to Bill, he still had the raft in storage in his warehouse. The speeder is MUCH larger than the original, and is way out of scale, but was still a real eye catcher in it's day.

Now I can't reveal who this info came from, But it is a member of the R2 Builders Group.

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