Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remounting the Legs Update

These pics show the steps I went through to bolt on my wood legs.
I also changed the A&A leg mounts, You can see the different arrangement in the pics. I did this because, I was getting some slack in the legs and that's a No No.
The A&A leg circles mount inside the large aluminum ring and I also shimmed the circles with some nylon shims.
They're the white parts.
Next I bolted this area down tight, So there would be no slack.
Next I used a large washer between the frame mounts and the legs. This will provide a solid surface for the legs to mount.
Again I added more nylon shims to the leg. This goes through the frame to the inside. This also takes up any slack and allows the legs to position into the right spot.
The last 2 pics show the nylon spacer coming through the frame and again I bolted this with a large washer then a small washer and a lock nut.
I will get the legs into the right position and then I will put 2 screws into each of the large washer on the inside. This will keep the legs from moving, Since I'm not doing the 2-3-2.
I did'nt show a pic of the outter A&A frame mount that bolts on top of the A&A circles.
But it must go on or you will have allot of slack in the legs.


The life of thomas said...

Still waiting for the first parts to come in but am very impressed by your work ;-)

R2D2 Fett said...

Looks really tricky!!!!

The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin, do know if these's a skin run going on anywhere? I'm considering looking into aluminum skins.

Calvin Thomas said...

John Sherrell is the only one with the group that does aluminum skins.
And I think he just finished a run,
But may have a poll going for another run. Check with the group and ask for John.
The only thing I can tell between mine and Brenda's is her long doors won't open.

The life of thomas said...

Thanks again Calvin!!!