Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wife's Front Logics

I wanted to post this here, Because it's so cheap to build and I really like it.
The lights are battery operated and it will take 3 strands per logic.
For $15.00 per logic it sure beat the price I paid for mine.
The Vid is short and not that great, But you'll get the idea.
Once I get the Logics finished, I'll post another video.


Chris said...

excellent. how many volts do these run on?

Calvin Thomas said...

These are run on 4 AA batteries each line.
So I'll have to find away to power them as 1 line.

R2D2 Fett said...

Thats great!! Where did you get the lights???

I might have to try that!

Calvin Thomas said...

I got them at my local Walgreens drug store.
They're 3mm and they fit the logic holes nicely.

R2D2 Fett said...

Man..they look great!!

Too bad we dont have Walgreens here! What brand are they? Maybe I can find them locally?


Calvin Thomas said...

The brand name is: Productworks Inc.
I tried to find them on the web, But no luck.
If you need them let me know and I can get them for you.
They're 2 sets for $10.00, white or multicolor.

The life of thomas said...

Nice work Calvin...and I just got done ordering for a much more expensive solution, lol. I should have read your blog first ;-)

Marie Thomas said...

You should know what I'm laffin about old man.