Thursday, December 27, 2007

New PSI's

This is the New PSI's that Mike V. offered to the group and these things are AWESOME!!!

I should have took a pic before I installed them to show how he made them. But they're round PC boards with the LEDs built right in the board and they control front and rear PSI's.

They also have a jumper that controls the LEDs, It sets it for Flash, Fade or both at the same time. I'll post a video of the back as soon as I get it installed.


The life of thomas said...

Hi Calvin :)

I have a big favor to ask. But prefer to ask you over an email. Could you please send me your address, here's mine:

Its about getting hold of 2 lazy susan's

R2D2 Fett said...

Very cool! I love the variations to the light! Mine seem to flicker way to fast...I have tried adjusting it (just the alternating red/blue) but it always ends up just a quick flicker of blue...

Looking great man! Sorry to hear your Vex isnt working as you hoped!! I have my legs with wires running into the body....

Getting closer!

Calvin Thomas said...

I'm still figuring out the Vex and I got alittle further with it.
So far, I have the 12 channel figured out to power almost everything in the dome and if I need a Servo or Motor etc. I can use the Vex as a controller.
I think it's going to have more options than I need.

Calvin Thomas said...

I emailed you my addy.
Let me know what you need.

R2D2 Fett said...

If anyone can get the vex working it's you. Ill be using just basic controls for now..