Monday, December 31, 2007

Dome Electronics

As you can see in the pic, I have used more Vex hardware inside the dome. I will add more flat panels, So the entire top is closed.
Below the flat panels is where the Slipring will transfer main power.
The power strips I will change to a smaller version.
So far, everything in the dome is 12v. execpt the Holo - 9v. and the rear logic 24v.
The rear Logic, I will controll the 12v LED board with the 12ch, But the power to the main board will have to be direct from the 24v. batteries.
The 12ch. has more than enough controlls for the dome and the Vex will work with the 12ch. to controll the Periscope, Servo for the front Holo,
and the 4 servos for the Pie Panels.
Wiring from the electronics to the actual dome,
I will add power connectors so I can disconnect the dome and sit it to the side if I need to get inside.

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