Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vex vs 12 Channel Remote

This is an idea I was trying to explain about this 12 Ch. On my R2, There are simple things I need to control by remote.
1. Raising/lowering Periscope
2. Turning various lights on/off
3. Rotating front Holo
4. Changing display on Front Logics
5. Maybe Open/Close Pie Panels
6. Etc.
I experimented with my Vex and hoped not to burn it up and I was in luck. I ran a servo cable from the remote Ch. 1 into Dig. I/O 6 I set the Ch. 1 on the remote to toggle on/off. This allows me to turn a motor on/off.
Now that I know I can wire thing this way, I can set up the Vex and the 12 Ch. remote to activate items in the dome.
Somethings will not need to pass through the Vex as the 12 Ch. can handle things by itself. This may not be a GREAT deal for some that know coding, But for me its an AWESOME project.

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