Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 Ch. Remote

Here's my 1st attempt to getting the dome going.

I used the 12 ch. Remote from Ebay to turn on the lights and it will also tie into the Vex to control the periscope and other items in the dome.

When I press button #1 - I can turn the PSI's on/off , Press button #2 - turns the small logics on/off , Press button #3 - triggers the Builders Club display , Press button #4 - turns Holo on/off.

And I still have more options. Once I get everything figured out, I'll disconnect the little beeping speaker on the 12 ch.


Chris said...

I like it a lot. I wasn't going to add a remote switch for the dome lights, but now I see it in action I'm tempted.

Do I hear a faint beep/buzzer from the RF remote? If you have one of the new one's it's easily removed.


Calvin Thomas said...

Yea it's beeping, I'm going to make it stop after I get everything working.
I meant to ask you:
Does your 12 ch. get warm around the relays?
Mine seen to be getting warm and I was wondering if this board is bad.

R2D2 Fett said...

AHHH!!!!!!! I AM TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a plane, come up here and pimp my R2 out!!!!!!!

Nice job man! How did you deal with the wires from the body into the head?


Calvin Thomas said...

I thought you would like that video.
The only wires I will have coming from the body to the dome is main power and I'm on the list for the Slipring.

I'll have some more pics of the inside of the dome today and you can see what I have done.

Victor Franco said...

Very impressive!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks Victor,
I'm trying to keep up with you.
And those new Pie's look GREAT!!!!

Chris said...

in answer to the question about heat. i can't say i've noticed but i've not checked either. mine are only on for an instant with the sound.

in your case when you turn the light on the relay is pulling current the entire time the light is on.

you may want to flip wire(s) to the other contact on the relay so their on by default when you turn the droid on. that way the relays are sitting there passive not pulling current. and you'll have to turn things off which will then draw the current on the relay.

i doubt you'll have the lights turned off for the most part anyway. having 12 relays drawing power as you have it setup right now will drain your battery big time. the other way they will not.

make sense?

google on relays and try to understand the terms Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC)


Calvin Thomas said...
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Calvin Thomas said...

I'll try that.
The 12ch it gets warm just sitting there with nothing connected to it.
Also it seems to be warm near the bottom relays and not the top.
I need to order another and if does not get warm like this one,
I think I'll see if they will exchange the board.

Chris said...

do you have it set to latched mode. that will draw power regardless if there's anything attached.