Thursday, July 17, 2008

Intel D945GCLF Little Falls Mainboard

Just ordered my motherboard for R2.
I was going to purchase another board, But this one has many new features
and the power consumption is suppose to be lower than the other board.
This will run all the Phidgets in R2 along with video, sound and etc.
Hopefully I'm not getting into something that will drain the batteries
down quickly, But I figure since it's 1 board instead of multiple electronics
for various features, It should do better.
Here's a pic of the board:


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a good looking brain!!!! I hope this works well for you!!! Keep us inquiring minds updated!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Oh yeah,
You guys are allways the 1st to know.
That board is only about the size of your hand. (Very little)