Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parts Estimate

Here's a small summary of parts and prices:
Visual C# - free from Microsoft
Phidgets Manager - free from Phidgets
Windows Xp Upgrade - $89.00

3- 4 Servo Phidgets controllers w/Servos - $ 347.94 plus Shipping
1- Intel D201GLY2A - 77.00 plus Shipping
1- 1 Gig Memory - 32.00 plus Shipping
1- Power cable - 7.00 plus Shipping
1- M1-ATX Power supply - 69.00 plus Shipping
1- FDM40XDI4G Memory to replace hard drive - 98.00 plus Shipping
1- Syren10 motor controller - 49.00
1- Sabertooth 2X25 dual motor controller - 124.99
2- Scooter motors - ?
1- Dome motor - ?

Current Total $893.93 without shipping.
Now I know this seems like alot of money, But if you take into account
this system does allmost everything and has the ability to go much further
with Autonomous features it balances out the price.
Once I get everything complete and installed I'll go over the total cost comparison.


Paul said...

Isn't it remarkable how fast it all adds up? I'm looking to use an automotive-type PC ( has many to choose from, Im too lazy to build my own). I'm starting to learn C# after brushing up on Visual Basic these past few months.

With 2-3-2 installed, Im shy on space for a PC and stuff right yet, but we'll see what happens. Right now, I'm starting with R/C, so I can get rolling, then I'll try to phase in a PC and some AI control.

Calvin Thomas said...

Logic Supply is where I'm ordering mine from soon. I'm ordering the
I'm totally new at C#, But i'm learning as I work the code.
What type of frame do you have in your droid?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sure thing man!! Cant wait to see the end result!!!


R2D2 Fett said...

I posted a couple days ago but my comment is gone...

Looks great! SOunds like a fun system! I know it will be respected as a new approach!


Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks John,
I can't wait to show it off!!!

I don't know what happened to your post Jason.

Sorry guys about not being around as much, But between the code and catching slack from the comp guys
I've been pretty busy.