Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Code

Not much to post lately, But I'm still at my code.
The 1st 4 Servo Phidget code is complete and now I'm working
on the sound files to work with the gamepad.
My idea is to hold 1 of the top side buttons and press 1 of the 4
top buttons and this will give me my song jingles.
If I hold 1 of the lower side buttons and press 1 of the 4
top buttons, This will give me my R2 beeps.
The code is growing and I need more Phidgets to get the other servos going.
Once it's a complete code I will release it to the group and if someone
wants to go the computer route, It will all be preprogrammed and all they
will have to do is buy parts and maybe customize the code.
More to come.

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R2D2 Fett said... are making my brain hurt!

Congrats on the progress man!