Saturday, July 12, 2008

Updated Summary

I know more of the same as far as post go,
But here's where I stand now.

Joystick #1 - controls the drive feet
Joystick #2 - controls the dome rotation
Button # 5/1 - controls R2 beeping sound
Button # 5/2 - controls Look Sir Droids sound
Button # 5/3 - controls R2 Scream sound
Button # 5/4 - controls Leia Speech sound
Button # 7/1 - controls My personal R2 Intro music
Button # 7/2 - controls Star Wars Theme music
Button # 9 - controls Volume up
Button # 10 - controls Volume down

As the code grows I'm learning more and more about what I can do with code.
So far I'm extremely happy about the setup and will order my new Phidget controller
tomorrow. As I said before, This was my original idea of using Phidgets in R2.
But I was unsure if I could do it. I've been VERY lucky to have had help with the code and working with it I've learned much more than I would have if I were just working out of the books.
The bigger value to this setup is:
Reducing the cost of buying seperate electronics for each feature needed to get R2 moving. Most builders use standard R/C remotes and add sound boards and other electronics to aquire the same results which can up money very quickly.
Nothing wrong with that, But I like to keep the money in my pocket.
Once this code is complete, I will add it to the R2 Builders group for everyone
to enjoy. It will include all the sounds and all the features I can come up with
to make the code a easy setup.

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R2D2 Fett said...

So you have this phidget thing...dome rotation motor, foot motors, external speaker? and a controller?

You need to make a tutorial with pics...and prices!!!!