Friday, November 07, 2008

More Center Foot

From bottom to top pics.
I had allready cut the Jag flange off the bottom of the foot.
And now I'm building the new skirt for the foot.
I used a 1 inch wide steel plate and this will leave me with a 1/2 inch
reveal around the bottom of the foot. I really wanted a 3/4 inch skirt,
But it looks funny so I'm staying with 1/2 inch.
Once I get the front/back cut, I may stop by and have it spot welded to the foot.
I could used J.B. Weld, But I really want it to be strong.


Anonymous said...

Dang Termite, aren't you finished with this thing yet?

Calvin Thomas said...

Hey, You Old Fart!!!
I'm getting closer to being finished :o)
If I'd quit finding more detail work, I might just get somewhere.
Glad you been watching.

R2D2 Fett said...

I am sure JB Weld would be more than strong enough..especially considering they will be snug at the corners to eachother.

Good work man.


Calvin Thomas said...

I did manage to get the corners fairly tight, But the angle that the steel sets at is alittle off the sides of the original skirt.
I'm just afraid that the J.B. might not keep the angle correct.

The life of thomas said...

your question on the forum about the angle of artoo...its about 18 degrees for me to but it was really hard to find a proper angel so i had to compare all of the artoo pictures i could find to do an educated guess, lol


Calvin Thomas said...

I finally got it figured out :o)
What I did'nt think about was the Ankle bolts.
Johnathan told me about the bolts being the equal heigth and that solved my problem.
Now to get the center casters mounted to the right heigth and I'm done with this part.