Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Days!!!!!

I knew this day would come and I was not looking forward to it.
R2 from the Ankles up is basically finished, There is a couple of details that
need paint but I'll do it later.

When I started the build, Everything was done in a temporary mode.
As things changed and more functions were added it didn't make seance to
make everything permanent.
So, Today I started tearing him apart a piece at a time and making everything
fit. It took all day to rework 1 leg. All the bolts were added and I changed allot of screws to Allen head bolts.
I also drilled the outer ankle for the wiring to pass through to the foot.
I made a aluminum plate to put under the shoulder hub to bolt my wood outer legs
to the frame. The plate adds allot of strength to this area and I'm positive now the leg won't give in a strain.
Tomorrow, I'll start on the other leg and do the same process.

Even though I have an A&A frame, I have added many different modifications to the frame and used aluminum for these mods. I have never glued the frame and still will never glue it, So future gadgets can be added.
I have screws in all the weak spots I could find on the frame.
Some people claim the frame is too weak for a fully loaded R2, But I disagree.
Mine doesn't give in the joints, It doesn't squeak like some people claim.
More to Come :o)


R2D2 Fett said...

Man that sounds tedious..but well worth the extra effort.

Yours is going to be a finely tuned machine for sure!

The life of thomas said...

Great work Calvin...Its always this way for every builder before their first Con....and second and third ;)

but you once told me after my first Con... words alone can't describe that satisfied grin and feeling one gets when its all up and well as your comment about how to handle all those touchy feely kids ;)

Fordfun ( said...

Calvin, I was wondering if you could tell me which particular motor you used for your dome drive. I followed the link, but there are several different models available. If you could share the model or RPM, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Gary

Calvin Thomas said...

Here's a link:
Just copy and paste.
If this doesn't work let me know.
The little motor is still working GREAT!!!
I don't except any problems with it as I have tried to burn it up.

fordfun said...

Thanks for the lightspeed response!

The life of thomas said...

Calvin....I've been waiting for a run on aluminum skins but it seems to be taking forever. If you hear from anyone or of anything could you please drop me a messages or email, thanks


Calvin Thomas said...

Sure Thomas,
John Sherrel does the aluminum skins. I think he just did a run not too long ago.

The life of thomas said...

hmm..I must have missed it while i was finishing up my first artoo...maybe i can mail him and see if he has some left....thanks bud....yes I'm considering to use an aluminum skin on the second artoo ;)