Monday, November 17, 2008

Wheel Setting

Here's some pics of what I worked on today.
I managed to get the feet on and get some idea of what I need to do to get everything aligned.
The plastic sheets under the center foot allowed me to get a measurement of how far I need to move the casters down.
Right now you can see the A&A foot motor holder is off balance, But once I get everything set I'll pin it in place.
And you can see now R2 is taller, Due to the large pneumatic wheels.
Once the feet are set I'll know how much the skirt on the bottom of the feet will hide much of the wheels.


R2D2 Fett said...

Looks great! Very clean!

A little extra ground clearance is better than not enough!! I thought mine would look funny when I a=made mine higher of the ground but it still could use a bit!



The life of thomas said...

Very nice Calvin! I had to adjust my clearing a few times to get it right. But as Jason said, more is better.


Calvin Thomas said...

I had plastic under it for shims to get the correct length and I have readjusted the feet and the plastic was removed.
Now to add the skirts to the feet and get the body skirt on R2.
Still allot ot do.

jduffphoto said...

That turned out really good!!! Can't wait to see the whole foot put together. I agree with Fett, better a little high than too low. I don't think the height will make that much difference unless you are looking at him from floor level.

- Jon