Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Holo colors

I took your advise (Jason) and I think I'm going to go this route with the colors. My dome is so shinney in person that it takes way from the Holo's. With this in mind, Here's how I plan to paint the Holos. The front and back Holos: The surrounds I will paint Blue. I've seen the black in person and it looks Great!! if you have a satin finish on the dome.
The Holo on the top: I plan to leave the surround alone. The blue Pie Panel gives it a break
between the dome and the holo.
Once I get this done, I will make a decision on the color of the caps.
If I paint 1 cap I will be forced to paint all the caps to keep the colors flowing correctly.
This will not be screen correct, But I feel if I don't do the Holos this way the hole dome
will be off balance and will make the dome look bad.
Going high polish on the dome has it's drawbacks and this is 1 of them.
Comments are still welcome.


Hankey01 said...

If thats what's going to make you happy then that is the right answer. :)

As you know they vary from movie to scene so if it makes you happy..thats great!

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, I want to try to stay to the movie, But I want the dome to look it's best.
I'm going to the meet in Orlando and we'll see how much slack I get for the changes.