Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Channel Selection

Now that I have more than enough channels, I need to figure out the mapping.
This is what I may go with:
Vex remote side A
Ch. 1/2 = Foot Drives
Ch. 3 = Periscope
Ch. 4 = Dome Rotation
Ch. 5 = Top Utility Arm
Ch. 6 = Lower Arm

Vex Remote side B
Ch. 1 = Right Door
Ch. 2 = Left Door

I'm trying to keep secondary items on side B of the Vex remote.
This way if I have a problem with interfering with someone else it's no big deal for me to stop using this channel.
Also, I noticed if I switch channels during a servo movement it freezes in that position and once I return to that Channel it returns to normal position. This is good for somethings like the doors, But a BAD thing for the foot motors. So I will have to look into a Failsafe for the foot motors.
Some of the Servo's will need a Servo Slower, This will keep things like the Arms, Doors and other things from opening too fast. But this may be something I can slow down with programming.

The 12 Ch. Remote from Ebay:
Ch. 1 = Front Logics
Ch. 2 = Rear Logic
Ch. 3 = PSI Lights
Ch. 4 = Holo Movement
Ch. 5 = Holo Light
Ch. 6 = Side Panel on Dome for Fogger
Ch. 7 = Fogger Spray
Ch. 8 = Automated Pie Panels


The life of thomas said...

I was wondering... how many channels does one actually need? Just to get started... you know movement, dome rotation, some (RC)dome lights and sound. Moving panels wont come until after both artoos are totally finished and up and running. My deadline is next fall. We are having a big SF convention in Sweden around then.


R2D2 Fett said...

Sounds like a good plan man!!!