Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Periscope Topper

I added 4 small magnets on the Pie Panel and 2 metal rods inside the Periscope.
I got this idea from Wayne Orr. This will give me a way to remove the Pie so the dome can be removed.
As you can see I have'nt cleaned the inside of the Pie yet, But I will get it soon.
If you look at this Pie very close, You can see 2 small paint chips on the Pie.
This happened at a 501st meeting, 1 little boy was doing his best to remove the panel when it was taped to the dome. And I got 2 battle damage scars from his efforts.
Oh Well, ( That's not I was really thinking ) But it will happen and when it's bad enough, R2 will get his dirty paint job.


R2D2 Fett said...

Thats looking cool! My restraining bolt is attached with magnets...nice to have it pop on and off.

CHips will happen...a good reason to weather..then they are all natural weathering. ;)


The life of thomas said...

I agree with Jason and the magnets seem like a great idea, cool.