Thursday, January 03, 2008

Large Door Hinges

I got the hinges on 1 panel mounted and I noticed a couple of problems.
The hinges work GREAT, But when the panel closes theres a slight gap around the closing side.
It's not bad, But I can see it and it's driving me crazy. The servos may close it tight enough that it may not be a problem.
The next problem, I have very little know how when it comes to servos.
And I may have to get help setting up the servos. Also I found that the A&A frame does limit you to where you can mount servo and other items.


R2D2 Fett said...

I'm sure the gap is not too bad, but I know how it is to have something that maybe only you will will always look at it!!!

You going to have anything inside the panels?

Calvin Thomas said...

The gap is not real bad, But like you said I know it's there.

I have the CPU arm to put behind 1 door and I need to find out what goes behind the other large door.

The small doors, I have no idea what goes there.