Thursday, January 24, 2008


Something I want to get of my chest.
I think I made Chris mad and I'm sorry if I did.
My Blog is a learning tool for me and anyone that uses this Blog. As I've stated before, Not everything I do works out and some ideas I get may work for me and not for others.
I welcome everyone to comment as you please. That's why I do not edit any comments made on this site, Unless they are dirty or spam.
I really do value all comments made and to me, There is no negative comments only teaching tools.
I've made some very GREAT friendships here and hope to make more freinds.
Oneday I will find my big contribution to the R2 Builders group, But until then I'm just having fun building my R2.

Anyway, If I ever post anything that offends anyone or I disagree with something posted.
It's just me trying to learn from my mistakes.
I hope to hear from everyone and have fun building your R2D2.


R2D2 Fett said...

Hey man

From what I can see it was just a difference of ideas, doesn't seem like any hurt feelings?

Hope all is well. Haven't seen u at my blog in a while. :(


Calvin Thomas said...

I hope that was all it was.
Chris has been alot of help and has some GREAT ideas of his own.
But I have not heard back from him lately.

I'm on your blog everyday, I never miss a beat. And I'm jealous of the 3PO.

I hope I made sense of my last post about comments.
And I will continue working soon.