Saturday, January 05, 2008

Servo vs Hinges

Ok, This is kinda embarrassing.
My wife did the video and there I sit holding the servo in place, Big Belly and All.
(Jason stop laughing!!!)

Now that the laughing is over :)

The servo I'm using is very small but it seems to have more than enough power.
I'm not very good at servos, But once I get the alignment correct and make a better
linkage it will work fine.
All the hinges will need work and getting everything to work together will take time.
Anyway, This is a learning curve for me, But I won't give up.
( Thomas, Don't you start giggling either!)

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Brenda's blog said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! oops you should have moved out of the way!!! Gotta Love Me. ;o )