Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Goodies

These 2 pics show the C6C (PS2 Controller) that I plan to use to control R2's
feet, Dome and Utility Arms. I've ran the controller for a few hours on the dome to
see if it can handle use for a long period of time. And it seems to be up to the job.

The Sabertooth 2x25 amp controller came in today.
I will use this to run the 24v. foot motors and I have a Syren 10 to run the dome motor.
If all goes well and I'm lucky, I may have R2 ready for a test run this weekend.
I still have to order the 2- 12v. 20 amp batteries that I have made room for in R2.
These should supply more than enough power to run the feet.
I have 2- 12v. 4.5 amp batts that will supply power for the small stuff.


R2D2 Fett said...

Man I cant wait for my C6C to arrive!!

I wish I had room for batteries that size in mine...hmm..I should look into those one day.

FOr now Ill have a crack at the C6C and see what happens!


The life of thomas said...

Goood luck dude!!