Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aluminum Shoulder

The last time I drove R2, I noticed in the shoulder area he would
sway back/fourth.
I've tried all the A&A frame shoulder parts to stop the sway, But the PVC
gives too much. The A&A frame is cut to house the Satellite motors and I'm sure
this added allot of support, But if your not doing the 2-3-2 motion the PVC
is not enough for a heavy droid.
The bottom picture shows the cavity for the Satellite motor to be installed.
And this is where the trouble starts, If your not using the Satellite motor.
So what I did to solve and add allot of strength to this area was to order a
5-5/8 x 6-3/4 x 1/2 inch plate to fill this area and you can see how it fits
in the next picture. This will be bolted to the PVC inner frame around the Satellite
hole and it will be drilled for the leg bolts to connect the leg.
The next picture shows the aluminum shim I made awhile back and it will be
bolted to the thick aluminum.
You need this shim to get the legs to set at the right amount from the body.
Once I get everything together I will make another post.

In all and all, The A&A frame is a good frame for a light weight droid.
If your going to be adding allot of aluminum goodies you will have to
beef it up in certain areas.

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