Sunday, June 07, 2009

Leg Work

If you remember I had 4 holes in the back of the outer legs that held the Boosters
in place.
These holes had caps that covered the bolts through the legs and into the Booster.

Well, They are gone now.
I puttied the holes and did away with the caps.
I'm not 100% satisfied with the work I did on the holes, But unless you hit the
light just right you can't see the spots at all.
I figured that if I needed to remove the Boosters for some reason, I could just dig
out the bolts and refix this area.
I don't ever plan to remove the Boosters unless the leg broke or something like
that happened.
All the bumps and damage that R2 will get will just be weathering :o)


The life of thomas said...

I hear ya about the bumps, dings and scratches being perfect for the weathering. After so many events its becoming a pain to do touch-ups every time afterwards ;D


R2D2 Fett said...

Add's character..and trust me..only you would know they are there.


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, I've allready got allot of scratches and paint chips, But I plan to leave them.
The real R2 had a ton of Boo Boo's

I agree, I have seen some droids in perfect condition at shows and I have seen some weathered to death. I like the in between look.