Sunday, June 07, 2009

Vex Periscope Lifter

Here's some pictures and a couple of video of the Periscope lifter.
It works and I have plenty of adjustment points to set the Periscope
inside the dome.
The only thing is that Vex servo is loud.
It's not as loud as in the video, But it's still loud.
I'll have to see if I can find a replacement servo and not use the Vex
Anyway, It's still in the works and you can see the Jag dome plate arrived.


The life of thomas said...

Very cool I know why everyone uses a JAG dome plate. I have a simple question about something totally different. Who did you get your dome so shinny? I got my dome months ago but havent started working on it yet. I've seem that many have chosen the non-mirror look but like the way you've done yours :)

Cheers, Thomas

Calvin Thomas said...

Those dome plates are really nice.
It gives you a strong area to mount goodies.

My dome is a old R&J dome, It came with the same finish as the 300mm.
I did all the sanding and used Mother's Aluminum Polish to get to that shine.
When I first started sanding with 80 grit paper on a Mouse sander to get the course lines out and then moved on to finer and finer sand paper. I think the last grit was 800 and then I used steel wool to really fine sand the dome.
It was a long process, But I seen someone else took thier dome to a place and had it polished.

I get allot of compliments on the dome at shows, But it's hard to keep clean and you have to repolish it ever so often.