Sunday, June 14, 2009

One step Forward - 2 Steps Back

This is another area that I found needs to be beefed up.
The aluminum plate I mounted had PVC spacers behind it and
I noticed the last time I drove R2, He was swaying in this area.
Not allot, But more than I was happy with.
So I ordered a 1/2 inch aluminum plate to fill up the area behind
my 1st aluminum plate and it will be solid all the way through to the
main frame.

Here's the Jag version of the dome plate.
And you can see it's only 1/8 inch from touching my dome motor.
This caused some new problems, I originally had some of my electronics
mounted on top of the A&A frame and the dome plate ended that idea.

Now everything is mounted to the inner back mount.
This caused allot of rewiring and I had to move a few items around.
Not bad, But it was just extra work I didn't count on.


The life of thomas said...

Yeah Calvin, I'm almost afraid to start tinkering with my artoo's inner workings, but I will have to once i install my new dome.

I guess thats why its called a hobby ;)


jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin,

I noticed that you have your amp mounted there. How is that unit? I've been thinking about picking it up, but I'm not sure if I'll actually need it. I have a 4 ohm 10-20 watt speaker that I pulled from an old stereo cabinet, that I want to use for the thinkgeek sound system. I'm not sure if I replace the speaker on the unit with this one if it will work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the speaker will not actually draw the current, but accept what the amp is pushing. In other words, I may not get the full power of the speaker but I won't burn out the mp3 unit by trying... right? Sorry about the ramble...


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, I knew this day would come.
The detail work and the correcting Boo-Boo's.
And with new additions to R2 it's going slow.

The little Amp is GREAT!!!
It's more power than I need, But it's a bolt on goody.
The Amp is 4-16 Ohm, So your speaker will be fine as long as you don't over power it and your Mp3 will be fine.

R2D2 Fett said...

In the end all the setbacks make for a better overall tho. Great work and enjoy all the build. When you are done you will probably feel like you should be doing enjoy the build..even the setbacks!


Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah. I know it will be worth the effort, But I was hoping it was about over on this build.
Just seems like it's taking forever.