Saturday, January 20, 2007

Domes Bonded

Today we took the dome down from the ceiling and my wife ( Brenda )
cleaned all the extra Silicone out of the grooves and around the panels.
It looks like the bond turned out OK.
Everything looks good, I still have 1 Pie that is hitting at the bottom but I
think I can adjust it.
One thing I learned about using Silicone: It's very thick stuff and you'll have to force the domes
together here and there. But it gives you plenty of time to adjust.
Cleanup was pretty easy, She used a dental pick and a xacto knife to remove the extra.
I'm attaching some of the panels now with the Silicone. Some of it got on the paint and I'll know tommorrow if it damages the paint.
I'll have pics soon.

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