Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Change of Plans

Ok, I wanted to wait until I got my Holos to bond my dome together.
But I was practicing the steps of bonding the dome and noticed that my Pie's
were very easy to get out of position when I sat the outter dome back on for bonding.
So, Today I will buy more Silicone and bond the dome together.
I hope this does'nt cause alot of problems down the line ( Which I expect it too )
Mounting other items will be alot more of a problem, But I can't continue working
if I don't bond.
As soon as it dries, I'll post some pics.
Man, I hate this change in my plan, But this is how things go sometimes.


Hankey01 said...

Hey man..

At least you thought it through and are doing what you need to do.

I tend to jump ahead and finish aesthetic things before I should just to see the results.

There are always ways to make things work in the end..you'll do great!

Calvin Thomas said...

Yea, I really did'nt want to do this now, But it's holding up the whole process.

Chris said...

good luck. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

i'm resisting painting my dome and bond right now for similar reasons. once i do i know i'll want to change something or having paint on there will make it hard to handle in fear of marking it.


Calvin Thomas said...

I did the final polish on the dome today, So its ready for the bonding.
I hope it turns out good or I'll be in alot of trouble.