Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good news - Bad news

Well, I guess I'll live, But I bonded my dome today and not 30 minutes after the Holos
came on sale.
I'm glad I got them this time, But I sure wish I'd got them 30 minutes earlier.
My dome is hanging from a hook in the ceiling and I won't touch it for 2 days.
When I do I'll post some pics.


Hankey01 said...

How do the holo's affect your dome glueing? Hole size different??

I was hoping the plasma guy would cut your moons yesterday becasue I think he is off today, but I don't think he did.

Will cut soon..I promise!


Chris said...

congrats. major milestone for ya. i'm not looking forward to bonding my domes together.

why did you hang it up?

Calvin Thomas said...

I did'nt want to bond them so I could drill and bolt the Holos.
Now I'm not sure how I'll attach them.
I'll have to wait till they get here.
Don't rush your self on the moons,
I'm just GLAD to get them!!!
Thank you very much

Calvin Thomas said...

Don't rush the bonding, I was really against bonding mine so early. But I did'nt know the Holos were coming.
I hung it up so it would press against each other and help hold them in place.
I'll know tommorrow if I have a nice dome or a piece of $500.00 crap.