Thursday, January 11, 2007

What a Mess

If you ever want to see just how sloppy and unstraight something is, Take a PIC!!!
I've got cleaning to do and some aligning to do, But as bad as it looks.
Those Pie's open very smooth and hold they're position.
I can't show the outside right now, Because 1 Pie is not dry yet.
So in the long run, If you do better than my mess.
Your panels will be no problem.


Chris said...

can't wait to see how it turns out.

are your domes bonded together yet? no right?

did you drill thru and attach the hinges to the inner dome or just jb weld on the surface like the pie panels?

and why do some of the hinges have two screws per segment, where as others only have one?


Calvin Thomas said...

No it's not bonded yet.

Yeah, I drilled the inner dome and bolted them to it.

I had a problem with the nuts on the screws hitting each other.
I may add more screws and nuts once I finish adjusting the Pie's and hinges.
If I can't add more screws, I think the ones with 1 screw will be OK.

Jeff said...

I'm assuming you countersunk the bolt. How thick is the inner dome to allow this? What type of screw/bolt did you use to attach to the inner dome?

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah I countersunk them and the dome is not very thick.
I don't know if this is correct, But I think the domes are .40 each
I used a very small screw/bolt for each hinge. The bolt was almost the exact size of the holes in the hinges.