Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pie's Attached

Ok it dried enough for me to open the Pies.
I still have'nt cleaned up anything yet, But took the pics anyway.
I have 1 Pie that is hitting the outter dome at the bottom.
I know what's wrong, With the outter dome not bonded yet it's alittle high in that area.
Once I bond the 2 domes, This should go away.
Also I have not fine tuned the panels yet.
The button in the center of the dome needs to have a spacer to raise it up higher and I have'nt centered it yet.
The Pie for the Periscope is just taped in place and the 1 for the Holo is just sitting on the dome.


Hankey01 said...

Ha....thats awesome! Reminds me of ROTJ when he got hit with a blaster!

Looks great! You'll get it all working!

(response to your post in the previos blog entry)...
Error..nature of the beast when you've never made an R2 before I suppose. :p

I am working on the foot shell details...gonna update blog soon.

REALLY looking forward to playing with the square bot and implementing it into my dome rotation. That will be challenge #1, then I will worry about the feet and speed controllers.

Calvin Thomas said...

Cool, I've been looking for an update.
Now to work on the side panels and I need more hinges.