Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pie Pains

I don't have any new pics yet, But I wanted to caution you guys about the Pies.
I notice when I attached a couple of pies to the dome, I did it not on the dome ring.
When I sat the dome back on the ring, The setting changed alittle.
Luckly my hinge holes are alittle large and this allowed me to reposition the hinge.
It was'nt much, But I'm doing the best I can on the dome.
Once I get the other Pies hinged, I'll post some pics of my mess.


Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm putting my order in tomorrow for the new hinges and will be hopefully cutting some nice big holes in my dome over the weekend or early next week.

Hankey01 said...

The woes of a custom built project eh? Seemes like more trial and error than anything else to me as well....but well worth it!

I managed to get the square bot assembled last on to chapter 2. ;)

Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah True, But why is it more error?
Cool onto chap 2 my friend!!!
That little project teaches you and will move you in the right direction.